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Boutique workshop & showroom for Premium Curtains, Upholstery Services and Wallcoverings

Welcome to ClassyKir!
ClassyKir is a reputable family-owned business and a full service supplier of premium draperies, upholstery and wallpapers for a wide variety of applications. ClassyKir was established in 1980 and has specialized, ever since, in providing a complete inner design solution.

Custom-made Curtains, Drapes and Blinds

Custom-made draperies are not only highly efficient but also set a desirable atmosphere. Curtains are an essential design element that answers esthetical needs, as well as practical requirements. Drapes provide a protection from harsh sunlight; they allow full privacy, insulate the inner space from the external weather conditions and even filter sounds and noise. Moreover, blackout curtains use as a fabulous replacement for shutters.

ClassyKir is an expert in engineering solutions for all windows dimensions, shapes and challenging structures. We design, manufacture and install the highest quality window furnishings according to the customer specific needs. Professionally trained consultants accompany the customer through all the process stages to make sure all options, aspects and details are fully covered.

ClassyKir showroom displays a wide range of curtains and blinds in extremely large samples of numerous fabrics and styles. The exclusive fabrics, as well as the operating mechanisms and accessories, are imported by ClassyKir from prime western suppliers including German electric curtains and Australian decorative blackout curtains.

ClassyKir Boutique Sewing Workshop produces custom-made curtains, drapes and blinds with a refined finish and a full 10-years responsibility.

ClassyKir offers various drape types such as Classic curtains, 100% Blackout curtains, Roman blinds, Panel glides, Roller blinds, Outdoor blinds, Venetian blinds, thermal curtains, Tails, Valances, Tiebacks and varied headings.

All draperies may be installed with one of two optional mechanisms:

  • Electric curtains –  German motorized drapes for a quiet and smooth operation at the press of a button (via a remote control, a wall switch or as a part of a smart-home system)
  • Smart drapery tracks – an advanced manual mechanism, which does not require a direct contact with the fabric, and, therefore, protects the curtain and extends its durability and life expectancy.

Furniture Upholstery Services
Give your existing furniture a second chance…

ClassyKir operates a private Upholsterer’s Workshop that specializes in furniture re-upholstery. Replace the fabric with a new material for a brand new look and feel or re-new the appearance that has suffered cuts, stains, discoloration and scratches.

ClassyKir offers multiple designs, patterns and materials for both indoor and outdoor furniture including special sets of fabrics to match the curtains and wallpapers. Following are some of the common items ClassyKir professional team handles:

  • Sofa and couch
  • Reclining chair
  • Dining chairs
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Bed headboards
  • Bedcover, cushions etc.

Decorative Wallpapers

ClassyKir offers superior decorative wallpapers and wall coverings in an amazing array of fabrics, prints, colors and textures.

Modern wall-coverings are truly versatile; they transform the room appearance, protect the walls, conceal cracks, stains and other impairments, and are super easy to clean.

The wallcoverings are flawlessly installed by a professional, experienced team.

Professional Curtains Cleaning Service

Curtains tend to absorb dust, odors, smoke and other dirt particles that gradually change the drapes color, general looks and might create a minor health hazard.

Draperies’ cleaning is a pretty complex task, especially if you wish to preserve the original appearance and quality.

ClassyKir provides its clientele with a complementary cleaning and maintenance service to make sure the entire process is performed properly including disassembly and installation, laundry, ironing and required accessories supplement.

* The service rate is similar to the one of a local cleaner.

ClassyKir Main Benefits

  • Professional and personal consultation by skilled Interior designers
  • Highest quality fabrics, materials, equipment and accessories
  • All products meet strict European standards
  • Exclusive import – textile and equipment of elite manufacturers
  • Unique display of real-size curtains samples
  • Fashionable and up-to-date products straight from the most famous, international design and textile expositions
  • Competitive pricing
  • Exclusive decorative blackout curtains – 100% darkness
  • Boutique sewing workshop, professional designers, upholstery workshop and diverse wallcoverings – all under one roof
  • Matching sets of drapes, upholstery fabrics and wallpapers for a perfect design flow
  • Skilled draperies and wallcoverings installers
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